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my wombats stuff lol

lol what the hell happened in this 10 months wheres my wombats stuff on tumblrr lol

anyway here are some smart phone drawings I did for a fan vid of the song 1996 by the wombats. Im gonna make it after those years! hopefully 

get that sheep out of my mind






The Wombats were at Nova Radio Station in Sydney this morning and met a wombat!!

i wonder if they’re sick of wombats now? every time they come here it seems like someone brings one along for them to hold haha.

But how could anyone ever get sick of these adorable, funny looking creatures :’)

 murph´s face is like: i have a wombat and you have absolutely nothing! you are nobody! I WIN and you can even cry your eyes out!

Dan’s face on the last one.

Dan’s kissing a wombat again

Love it

desperate-sockpuppet asked: SO WHAT IS YOUR INTERPRETATION??

mmmmmmmmmmmmm right, water represented some sort of the environment or the ways the 90’s people lived(or any 90’s stuff I don’t know), I guess it wanted to say that people from 90’s were like living in ocean. And all those people were having a party themed diving(the way people live in ocean) and they were all drinking and playing with water, meant that they wanted and loved water, or to live like the 90’s again, but now they couldn’t so they had a party to try to catch the feeling of water(90’s)

When the song went “Bring back 1996, stop talking…” It appeared that Murph wore swimming goggles and all the people jumped into a swimming pool. It was not a sea or ocean, but still some water and may just enough to”bring back” the feeling, as it’s just “little here to miss”. It also meant that the 90’s had gone and never come back, but we could still bring back the feeling of that.


Couldn’t get the idea of the video in the first place but when I finished the whole video I got it

fact of the day: my friend referred the song “Anti-D” as “the one with a dude sings on street n then sits on a chair and gets rose up

that’s how I looked like when I saw The Wombats on street


beautiful daniel